Re-Imagining The Imaginal Institute


“Imagination is the voyage into the land of the infinite.”
                                                                       –Gaston Bachelard

The Imaginal Institute was first birthed in 2005 in California as a virtual place (with the occasional live gathering) for people to connect and learn and share ideas about how imagination can burst forth and change our lives and our world.

This first dream got fleshed out as a remarkable site in the Catskills, NY, called Spillian: A Place to Revel. (Spillian is an Old English word that means to play, to jest, or to revel. We revel in ideas, in possibility, in community.) And so, The Imaginal Institute got swallowed by its child and is re-emerging as the academic/intellectual/learning arm of  Spillian. Stay tuned, as we will be building a variety of online learning experiences for you to delight in.

In the meantime, please see some of programming that is coming up at Spillian.
And check out some upcoming eBook publications coming from our publishing arm, Meandering Press.

Join us on our voyage into the land of the infinite…