Finding the Muses

Finding Your Muses

In a moment when we are being asked to stop our usual patterns, without any real certainty about when – or if – they’ll ever slip back to where we’ve been, we are being called to think creatively about our lives and the planet. Finding the Muses is a dive into the muses of Greek mythology, and how they can metaphorically serve as guides as we re-imagine our lives.


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Leigh Melander PhD Spillian Leigh Melander PhD Spillian Author

Leigh Melander, PhD is a story weaver, a ridiculous revolutionary, and an inveterate meanderer. Why go straight ahead when there are always delightful side paths to discover? She is most excited about helping people to look deep into imagination and possibility, so they can find ways to bring their most beloved wild ideas to life. She works with both individuals and organizations as they invent new ways to make the world splendid. She is so lucky to have the most extraordinary launching pad, a Catskills retreat center on a remarkable historic estate, called Spillian: A Place to Revel. Spillian offers public and private events to mark moments of deep imagination and celebration in people’s lives, and is, incidentally, is one of Leigh’s big wild ideas. She’s been writer as well as a performer in theater, dance and music around the world; a strategic planning and marketing consultant for commercial and nonprofit ventures; and has worked in community in a host of ways, from building sustainability tools to asset-based family resource centers. She is deeply committed to working to create a regenerative world. Her doctorate is in cultural mythology and psychology, and she served for five years on the Board of Directors of the Joseph Campbell Foundation. She’s been featured on the History Channel as an expert on myth and story, hosted two radio programs on myth and imagination on an NPR affiliate in New York that is being reborn as the podcast Myth America, and is off planning her next adventure. Visit her at





Becoming A-Mused: Why’s And Wherefores

Introducing the Muses

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