Welcome to the Imaginal Institute!

Welcome to the Imaginal Institute, and voyage into the land of the infinite.

Online learning, exploration, and imagination from Spillian: A Place to Revel.

The world feels as if it is unraveling about us right now. We’re all so uncertain, caught out of our normal patterns, and worried about what is coming next. We are launching the Imaginal Institute to be a bit of an antidote to that discomfort, and are excited to offer you a variety of experiences that can inspire you, change your thinking, be a place to relax into lightness or creativity or the power of wonderful ideas.

Free Courses & A Chance to Support Great Teachers

We are being joined by a whole passel of cool playmates – teachers from all over the world who can help you find an idea to grab onto. Some are offering their work and play as a gift, bringing generosity to a world that needs it right now. Some are cultural workers and creatives who suddenly are facing hard times financially, and are offering their insights and talents for a fee, in an effort to make a little dough in tough times. We hope that you’ll explore some of each.

We’re building as we go!

We’re starting with a handful of courses, and will be offering lots more in the coming weeks. We’ll be offering quick tastes to in-depth explorations. We hope that you’ll grow with us!

To get started, check the Course Catalog page and dive in!